Mülheim Location




The activities of the firm are diversified. Our focus is on

  • Commercial and Corporate Law,
  • Medical Law
  • Tenancy
  • Contract Law,
  • Automobile and traffic Law,
  • Labor
  • Business Law,
  • Tort law
  • Family and Inheritance Law,
  • Criminal Law etc.

But first ask your question to your problem, often the area of law is incorrectly estimated, and we can help with your problem. We process over many years more than 1,000 legal matters each year, so we are pleased to help you with with our experience.


The law firm was established in 1972 today almost 40 years ago by Dr. Klaus Keller in Mülheim. Today's practice owner (since 1998) is Dr. jur. Christian Keller, the son of the founder. The firm is now organized as a supra-regional law firm with offices in Mülheim, Oberhausen and Düsseldorf (branches).


We advise and represent individuals, companies, societies and medium-sized enterprises in and out of court in their legal matters, such as drafting contracts, labor law, debt recovery, corporate issues and other legal business issues. In family law, we represent in and out of court and in drafting contracts.


To complete our counseling service nationwide there are collaborations with law firms, notaries, tax offices and legal expense-insurers. For cross-border legal problems, we help with language skills (English, French, Spanish) and we have been establishing links with foreign law firms.

Certification for quality management

Reliability of the office processes: on 24.10.2008 it has been certified to us that we are establishing a quality system to ISO 9001:2000 effective use (certificate number 91008696-7 DEKRA Certification GmbH, Handwerkstr.15,70565 Stuttgart).